Been in business for the 8years now and counting.
Our goal at KSI Consulting is to help you get out of debt and save your home from foreclosure. We work closely with you to explore your options and even determine what led you to your debt, as well as help you get your car payment reduced to up to half the current payment. We also offer much more than credit and loan modification services, specializing in real estate investing to help investors locate incredible deals on both residential and commercial properties.

Bad credit doesn’t have to hold you back. KSI Consulting helps repair your credit through in-depth counseling services that show you how to make and stick to a budget, as well as work out a repayment plan with creditors. Our #1 goal is to get you out of debt, which means you can count on us for personalized attention that explores your options, builds your savings account, and sets up a personal financial plan for the future.

We handle all the counties in Texas and California. Also handle most states Nationwide.


Loan Modification
Short sales
property management services
credit and tax counseling
legal consultations
Forensic Loan Audit


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